Electrolytically Concentrated
Alkali Cleaning Water System

  1. Electrolytic alkaline water (pH12) produced electrochemically for pH adjustment with water as the base ingredient.
  2. With no chemical contamination, it is a product friendly to people and natural environment.
  3. Clean oil from metal machine processed products.
  4. Cleaned by using only this product, no need for cleanser.
  5. Can be delivered by couriers.
  6. Unlike common cleaners, no foam is generated. (No excessive load to the wastewater treatment system)
  7. Instantaneously penetrate oil and stains by spray
  8. Sterilization, deodorant Sterilization and deodorant effect
  9. Sterilization of viruses

Electrolytically Concentrated Alkali Cleaning Water, Cleaning Test Video

Instantaneously cleans oil stains which are hard to remove by detergents.
In this video, oil stains of machining tool are cleaned.

   Cleaning oil by electrolytic alkali cleaning water 

Cleaning tobacco stains on smoking rooms

Just spray to instantly clean tobacco stains on smoking rooms!
Electrolysis alkaline water is chemical-free and eco-friendly.

Sterilizing effect of electrolytically concentrated alkali cleaning water
(Industrial Technology Institute Of Ibaraki Prefecture food department Released on July 16, 2008)
Sterilization Effect to Coliforms Undiluted Diluted to 10 times Diluted to 100 times
Electrolytically Concentrated Alkali Water
Electrolytically Concentrated Acid Water

Sterilization Effect to Staphylococcus Aureus Undiluted Diluted to 10 times Diluted to 100 times
Electrolytically Concentrated Alkali Water
Electrolytically Concentrated Acid Water

Electrolytically Concentrated Alkali Cleaning Water Generating System Model IDJ-P500

  1. Easy installation, connecting only to the power and tap water.
  2. Non-chemical alkaline cleaning water generated from water.
  3. Passed all drinking water standards except for pH.
  4. Eco-friendly and low-cost cleaning
  5. No foam or COD is generated.
  6. Rinsing water is saved.
  7. Load on the effluent treatment is reduced
  8. No damage to skins
  9. Compact and easy to move
  10. No chemical supervisors are required.
  11. Maintenance is required only once a month.

  • Cleaning oil after metal processing
  • Cleaning food processing machines
  • pH adjuster
  • Cleaning machine tools
  • Cleaning floors and walls
  • Cleaning air conditioners
  • Cleaning tobacco stains
  • Sterilization, deodorization

Machine Overview
  • Dimension:W1650×D1200×H1665
  • Dry Weight:300kg
  • Material: Control panel, cabinet: SUS304/Bath: FRP
  • Water Amount :450L 10h(pH12)
  • Power:3-phase 200V
  • Power Consumption: MAX. 1KVA

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