JETRO NEW TECHNOLGL JAPAN Vol.28 No.7 October,2000より
Electrolysis Systems for Wastewater Treatment and Preservation of
Water Quality

Igaden Co., Ltd. has developed an electrolysis system called the
"Micro Water System", which is capable of performing efficient
water and wastewater treatment by passing a special type of AC current
through the water. The passage of electrical current in the water
allows the reactions necessary for the removal of pollutants in the
water without the addition of chemicals and other process input.
These reactions are the oxidation of organic matter (BOD, COD, etc),
nutrient (nitrogen and phosphorus) removal, suspended solids removal
by flocculation/sedimentation or, flocculation/flotation, and even
destruction of pathogenic microorganisms (sterilization).

The system can adapted to a broad scope of applications, including
water quality improvement of cooling tower water, industrial plant
and food processing wastewater, sterilization for the recycling of hot
spring water, for automobile washing wastewater recycling and for the
purification of lakes and river water. An electrolysis tank is
usually installed in an existing facility such as water storage tanks
and settling tanks.

The installation cost of the system (which includes the Micro Water
system and electrolysis tank) will run up to roughly
\2,500,000. The maintenance time and cost will depend on water
quality, but the maintenance requirement will generally be once in 3
months to one year. Changing of electrodes once a year is sufficient.
Thus, the maintenance cost will be comparatively low.

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