Pond/Lake Purification System
Algae/Water-bloom Removal,Water Purification

Demonstrating removal of contaminants by electrolysis wastewater treatment
As the inflow of subsurface and surface water from household, industrial and livestock wastewater increases the eutrophication of lakes, ponds, and rivers, the efficient purification for the drinking water source and establishment of a recycling-based society for coexistence with natural environment are desired.
 As regarding to the water-blooms generated due to the eutrophication, the University of Tsukuba and National Institute for Environmental Studies presented in a conference that microcystin (cyanobacteria Microcystis) , 40 to 80 times more toxic than potassium cyanide, was detected.
 Establishment of a normal coexistence and co-prosperity of the environmental system is urgently desired, preventing eutrophication by efficiently separating and collecting algae and water-bloom using the chemical-free purification system.

New chemical-free water purification system using electrolysis
Pond/Lake water purification systems
  • Place
    • Flower Park Ibaraki
  • Cooperation
    • University of Tsukuba Matsumura research lab
    • Life Science Center of Tsukuba Advance Research Alliance (TARA center)
    • Ibaraki Prefecture
    • Flower Park Ibaraki
    • Kasumigaura water purification project
  • Test period: 1 month  
    • The system was removed after the test. Follow-up observation after nine months (pictures were taken)
  • After the test, water purification effect continues over one year and water quality remains good.
  • Before treatment (left area of the photo): Algae are abnormally grown around the inlet port.

  • After treatment (right area of the photo): Floating algae are collected and removed using the water treatment system and water is purified.

Purified pond and unprocessed pond (comparison of current conditions)

  • Front: Purified pond
  • Back: Unprocessed pond

Comparison of water of purified pond and unprocessed pond

  • Left: Unprocessed
  • Right: 9 months after the purification treatment
  • After 4-day purification of the pond and the system has been removed, the clear water quality was obtained for 8 months. (The bottom is clearly visible. No algae are grown.)
  • Result of analyzing algae in water (June)
    • Algae before water treatment 120mg/L
    • Algae after water treatment 0 mg/L
  • Result of analyzing algae in water (July)
    • Algae before water treatment 698 mg/L
    • Algae after water treatment 0 mg/L
In the untreated pond, algae increases from 120 mg/L to 698mg/L in a month.
 No algae are detected in the treated pond.

  • Left: Collected algae is processed with bacteria.
  • Right: After bacterial processing, it is used as fertilizer.
  Zero emission by returning the rich fertilizer to farms
Demonstration of the Kasumigaura water purification project
  • Electrolysis system for purification of lakes
  • (Separation and collection of algae, algicidal treatment)

  • A sludge detoxification boat with solar panels
  • (Algae in bottom sludge is separated and collected for algicidal treatment.)
  • The position of the boat is determined by the thickness of sludge measured by the GPS ultra sonic measuring system.。
  • Power is supplied by solar panels
Example of Installation to a pond with carps
  • Top: Before the treatment
  • Bottom: After the electrolysis treatment

  • Top: Before the treatment
    • Turbidity: Approx. 57.8NTU
  • Bottom: After the electrolysis treatment
    • Turbidity: Approx. 17.6NTU

  • Top: Before the treatment
  • Bottom: After the electrolysis treatment

 After the electrolysis purification treatment, carps in the pond become visible.

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